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Indy Mayhem Show 125: John Thorne

Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please, @inspirepro) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron, @sorgatronmedia) are joined by John Thorne, co-owner of Absolute Intense Wrestling and the new Podcast the Card is Going to Change.  We discuss the promotion’s growth since we last talked in 2009, and more! Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 529: Eat The Soap

This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 529, we  talk all  the latest headlines and more in pro wrestling, including: We assess the WWE Draft shortly after the WWE Network show goes off the air. We take a look at WWE Battleground and ponder the weight of the matches with the new roster lineups in effect. […]

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AwesomeCast 308: Many Shades of NES

We’re getting geeky and talking tech, social media, and more with the local nerds that use it on AwesomeCast 308! Sorg is excited for the Mini NES Classic! Chilla is excited for some enterprise video solutions from Microsoft We discuss whether professional installations may up home automation adoption Bittorrent Now and Libsyn’s new iHeartRadio deal […]

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Fishing Without Bait 50: Drop the Rock

Fishing Without Bait is a client Podcast.  Sorgatron Media and Sidekick Media Services has helped with the development, technology, social media, and publication.  Can we help with you’re Podcast? Contact us today!   James Ellermeyer takes a look at the rock that weight down our lives.  We look at identifying the resentments in our lives and and […]

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Panel Riot Episode 63 – Year Two

This week Panel Riot celebrates it’s two year anniversary by being interviewed by the prestigious Podcast Institute. Will Panel Riot get The Stamp and become a capitol P Podcast? Only one way to find out. Panel Riot is brought to you by SoulSworn ( Sorgatron Media ( and viewers like you! A special thank you to The Petri […]

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Sawtooth Willie 62: The Love of Dance

Sawtooth sits down with the Furries to learn more about Anthrocon, what it means to be a Furry, the joy of dancing, share tuna oil tips, and more! LIKE Sawtooth Willie on Facebook! FOLLOW Sawtooth Willie on Twitter! SUBSCRIBE to Sawtooth Willie on Youtube!