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AwesomeCast 385: Do You Even Swype Bro?

Sorg and Chilla are on their own this week as Dudders is off doing Dudders things.  And, there’s plenty of tech news to share, including: Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week is England’s take on providing internet for rural communities. Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week was #SJIW2018 which he helped film this weekend. Pittsburgh […]

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Fishing Without Bait 129:  Getting to Know Sheena Carroll 

Fishing Without Bait is a client Podcast.  Sorgatron Media and Sidekick Media Services have helped with the development, technology, social media, and publication.  Can we help with your Podcast? Contact us today! Jim Ellermeyer is joined this week by writer and poet Sheena Caroll to discuss her inspirations creativity to getting into writing, taking control of her focus […]

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The Broadcast Podcast 35: Huny

For our first anniversary episode, we’ve invited back one of our first and most entertaining guests, the one and only Sarah Huny Young. We got the latest on her American Woman photo project, which has taken her to New Orleans, Atlanta and Chicago. Thanks for listening to the podcast over the past 12 months. We’ve got more […]

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Comic Book Pitt 264: Talking the Talk: Black Lightning, Scott Snyder and More

Dan, Jared, Scott, and Shawn engage in a casual conversation about comics, TV, and movies. **HOSTS:** Dan, Jared, Scott, Shawn **FILM:** Chris Claremont’s X-Men documentary, revisiting the Fantastic Four, opinions on Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel uniform **TV:** Black Lightning, Fuller House, The Crown, Community, Rick and Morty, Smallville, the unaired Aquaman pilot **COMICS:** Scott Snyder takes over […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 197: Photographer Michael Watson

Photographer Michael Watson has been taking pictures of Indy Wrestlers with black and white Poleroid paper and wants to release a book with his already super successful Kickstarter. We talk about his exposure to Indy Wrestling, geek out about photography, and more! You can support his Kickstarter for The Wrestlers Photobook here! Follow Michael on […]

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Awesome Chat: Jack Morgan of Duolingo​

When your resume pretty much starts with Google and you’re currently employed at a growing startup, chances are there’s a fun story on how you got there.  This week we sit down with Jack Morgan as he shares some insight into his path across the pond from England right here to Pittsburgh, what he’s working on […]