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Who are we?

Sorgatron Media is a content-driven network built from a drive to create content.  We produce several podcasts that have seen praise over the years, and have expanded our line-up and abilities to provide web video and social media solutions for non-profit and small business clients in the Pittsburgh area.

Sorgatron Media is a company built from the ground up on practical experience from the company’s proprietor, Michael Sorg, who has been doing a variety of video, audio, and social media work since 2001 – building communities and developing content in various media for television and the internet. This is where ideas come to fruition in the field of content creation. Podcasting and production came into the forefront in 2006 with the start of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, which has gotten attracted talent from several television shows and promotions.

Sidekick Media Services was spun off in 2016 to take what we have learned from our years of experience to serve business clients in video production, podcasting, social media, and web presence services.

IndyWrestling.us was spun off in 2015 to better serve our independent professional wrestling clients in delivering our productions and other productions while serving the community of pro wrestling fans in discovery.

Michael Sorg - Michael has been a serial content creator from his early days doing music community sites to a full on production network attempt with Sorgatron Media.  Michael has developed content, spoken at, and assisted as a co-organizer for Podcamp Pittsburgh and works for non-profits and companies to assist with social media and video efforts around town.

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Melissa Sorg - Sorgatron MediaMelissa Sorg – Melissa is the producer extraordinaire supports the network with community support, plans content delivery and more.  Melissa is a long time co-organizer and presenter at Podcamp Pittsburgh.

Sorgatron Media’s Achievements
Pittsburgh City Council Proclamation for Chachi Plays for Kids
Nomination for Progressive Action Video Contest with Pennfuture’s Black and Gold City Goes Green video for March

Contact us to see what we can do for you at info@sorgatronmedia.com
or 412-407-SORG (412-407-7674)

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