Sorgatron Media and RWA Wrestling!

It’s been a good while since we had any sort of big announcement here on SM, and we have some very exciting stuff coming up for 2012!

As many know, I have had the fortune for the past several years to work with Digital Horizons on some great stuff the past four years shooting video for High School football in the Pittsburgh area, and wrestling shows for the International Wrestling Cartel and Renegade Wrestling Alliance.

Starting in the new year, Sorgatron Media will be taking over the video production and distribution for the RWA from our friends at Digital Horizons as they move away from the wrestling business.  We plan to do everything we can to bring you the best DVDs, and still offer DH’s catalogue of the past two years of shows.  Right here on,, and new venues in the future.

What’s going to change?  If you’re an RWA fan who picks up your DVDs at the show, we’ll do our best to keep stock of the catalogue, and will be starting to accept major credit cards on location at the shows. 

We also will be offering RWA DVDs here on, and working on new venues for people to find RWA’s catalogue, including investigating distributors and exploring options for streaming from the internet.

We will have a reconfigured crew, including a new videographer (much smaller than me, thankfully.  Sorry, first row ticket buyers in the past)

Have something to say? For you guys out there buying the DVDs, please let us know what you like, don’t like, and we’ll do everything we can to improve on them!  We hope to make RWA bigger and better on the video front.  Please don’t hesitate to comment here on this post or on the RWA Facebook pages you already communicate on!

I’ve enjoyed, and have been equally surprised seeing some of the growth with this group, and I look forward to the new year working with the RWA!