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A peak behind the scenes at our Monday Educational Grand Rounds.

A peak behind the scenes at our Monday Educational Grand Rounds.

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Year in Review. Done for me with Social Media

Year in Review. Done for me with Social Media

Usually I like to pull together a little bit of a year in review post, but this year, I noticed most of Social Media I use did it for me.

The first was Google+, which did the first “Auto-Awesome Movie” I’ve seen. It pulls pictures and video from my auto uploades, and presumably, what I’ve posted. A nice mix of video from when Missy did the Color Me Rad race and my cousin’s wedding.  It also mixes a LOT of pictures from shoots I’ve done over the year.  So you see a lot of S’eclairer setups and random people from Unsung.



Next up was Instagram. This was a little different. I saw one or two of these a week ago, and followed the links back to Statigram, a pretty handy looking site for culling your Instagram statistics. Great move by them to get some awareness. It was a little clunky, and I don’t think I even ended up posting the video because my both my iPhone and Android tablet didn’t make a connection right. Finally, I was able to get it on the iPhone after hopping into the native Mail app.

Finally, Facebook reminded my of my year. They pulled together the “20 biggest moments” from your year, including a nice collage on the left. You can also go in and add life events. I felt my WrestleMania trip wasn’t well represented, so I added it in. Really nice!  I had all but forgotten that our ordeal with the 5 small dogs practically left on our doorstep was from earlier this year.

2013 year in review on facebook

This time of year ends up being a great time (and maybe scary time) to see just what we’re plugging into these networks collecting information on us.  When you get to see moments you’ve almost forgotten is amazing.

What social network end of year collections are you enjoying?

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WWE Doesn’t Need On Demand. YouTube Does It For Them.

WWE Doesn’t Need On Demand. YouTube Does It For Them.

wwe survivor series on youtubeThe internet did it for them.

Imagine a situation where you have this vast catalog at your disposal.  Imagine you have someone else provide that content on a service, like YouTube, without you having to lift a finger, and reap the monetary benefit.

I ran an experiment lately.  I noticed that you could find just about anything for the World Wrestling Entertainment on YouTube.  So I wondered.  They all have ads.  There are so many.   Are they not checking on their content?

I had a collection of wrestling shows and features I had digitized from my VHS collection.  Some were late 80′s Coliseum Home Video releases (mostly compilations like Best of Saturday Night Main Event and Most Unusual Matches) and some were turn of the century PPVs recorded off air.  I was curious.  I had also thrown in some TNA, WCW, and Ring of Honor I had on hand just for good measure.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 11.40.46 AMIn no time I was getting pounded with content IDs.  WWE had certainly been involved with Google.  And highly thorough about it.  I could tell by the codes that the old, obscure VHS specials I had uploaded were precisely identified.  PPVs were identified similarly, with various hits on the music used in the newer shows.

TNA, who I had problems with before, had a similar response.  Previously, I had played with including footage as we talked about wrestling shows in the Wrestling Mayhem Show.   This led to episodes being knocked off YouTube or banned in Germany.  Most came up “TNA Wrestling” and stayed online.  One had a co-copyright with Viacom.  This one is blocked worldwide.  Odd since Viacom likely doesn’t actually own any of TNA, but broadcasts it on it’s own SpikeTV.   Viacom was the offender when I had the issues before at a time when they disputed the Daily Show and other properties being on YouTube and outright ripped them down at first site in the early days of the ID system.

Ring of Honor doesn’t care about the internet.  Shows posted had dings and actually led to major strikes against my account.  The guys who need the most exposure (they are a distant #3).

wwe classics on demandBut the revelation occurred.  WWE is easily making a killing off of YouTube with these content matched ads.  While they try to serve content through their WWE Classics On Demand on cable, they seem to have given up on a pay service online, giving out free matches on their web site and on their YouTube account on a regular basis.   All supported by advertisements, of course.   I wonder what tools they have on their end as “Content ID Match Customers” with Youtube.  Not only are they allowing the audience to crowd source putting content online, maybe they can use some of those stats as a barometer for DVD releases like the recent War Games and Money in the Bank DVDs as to what to compile or include.

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Games For Charity. Again.

Games For Charity. Again.

dozing off in a 25 hour gameathonA huge congratulations to the team at!  Over the weekend, they teamed up with Extra Life to raise well over $1100 for Children’s Miracle Network.

This has been one of the cool things with the projects I’ve been involved with.  ICTB was a brain storm by Chachi to do a video game site that we have been working to get some traction.   It’s been great to see this crew come together for two years now for this program, and with other projects and articles.

While the crew doesn’t have access to a modest studio like I do for my podcasting and streaming needs, the guys did incorporate something we’ve used a bit for our shows and over on Wrestling Mayhem Show, Google Hangouts.   It was nice to check out the stream to see how they were doing in the early hours, and when I returned from my day’s event shoot at 3 AM the next morning.   We use streams (in our case via Wirecast and for Chachi Plays for Kids and it’s a great way for us to get the “telethon” style to the event and try to drum up more donations.

At least Bobby on the crew also used a little bit of, a video game streaming service, to get some of his actual gaming out there on a different platform.

If you want to look back at the stream from the gameathon, check it out on their post, and it’s not too late to donate!

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What’s New With Google Hangout OnAir?

What’s New With Google Hangout OnAir?

Google Hangouts got a BIG update this week, and of course, the big design switch could be a little unsettling.   Or if it’s your first time, it may be helpful to walk through where they hid everything in the first place.   This screencast I put together talks about how I get started, what we’re using with Hangouts that make it so powerful, and some tips on things to watch out for to make it look and sound a little more pro.

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