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I Bought a PC. Help Me.

I Bought a PC. Help Me.

January 10, 2014 10:54 am1 comment

This week, I did something bad.

I bought a Windows 8 computer.


This was a long time concern. I needed something for my Wirecast setup in the studio. I had been taking my 2011 Mac Mini from the office and hooking up every Tuesday night to do our now 5 shows. But with the limitations of the ports on the machine, Mavericks not working well with Wirecast 4, and a desire to have slots to stick extra Firewire or Blackmagic cards in for future expansion and up the quality of the show. I was worried about applying more interesting effects and shots in Wirecast with the CPU hovering so close to the ceiling of my Intel i5 Mac.

Cost is certainly an issue. I didn’t want to get an iMac for twice the price, or Mac Pro for…wow look at that price. I would have the same expansion issue with the iMac, for one, and don’t need to buy another monitor it’s attached to.

I’m a tiny bit worried about Windows 8. I think I’ve disabled anything extra that comes with this Lenovo “gaming computer”. But in the end, I think this will work out.   And the studio isn’t Mac only.  I actually run the Hangout and Skype guests on older Windows XP machines, and run Ubuntu Linux for the chat computer.   It’s the tool for the job.

  • spoon

    Welcome to the darkside! I have to buy a new machine in the next week and i’m dreading Windows 8. Its such a waste over Win7

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