Wrestling Mayhem Show 289: On a Buffalo Read more

Wrestling Mayhem Show 289: On a Buffalo

Chachi, DJLunchbox, Wheelz, Rizz, Boddy, and Sorg are engaging with a racious chat room tonight as they talk about wrestling on demand online, more speculations on the WWE Network, the new Ring of Honor show, how wrestling is saving lives, and much more! You can get this episode here on Talkshoe, Blip.tv, subscribe to the audio or video versions on iTunes, look us up on Youtube, Roku, […]

AwesomeCast 70: Grandpa Rob says… Read more

AwesomeCast 70: Grandpa Rob says…

 Rob, Mike, and Chachi are surly tonight, and laying into Netflix and Quickster’s separation, why Amazon’s new Prime video announcement and Android tablet will not matter, updates to Google + and Facebook, Chachi’s tech disappointment list, and more! Join the AwesomeCast on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to follow us on iTunes in both video and audio formats, as well as YouTube, Boxee, Roku, and Blip.tv!  As always, you can chime in […]

Freelance 4 Real 15: An Audience of VIPs Read more

Freelance 4 Real 15: An Audience of VIPs

Justin Kownacki, and Michael Sorg are talking with maker of the piano rock, Matthew Ebel about how he survives as an independent musician, getting people on his bandwagon to make a living, and an interesting look on what “making it” really means. This week, Mike recommends “Outliers”.  You can get this audiobook for FREE from Audible at www.audiblepodcast.com/sorgatronmedia today […]

Unsung 11: Pittsburgh Food Bank Read more

Unsung 11: Pittsburgh Food Bank

In Episode 11, we talk with participants and bloggers at the recent BlogMob at the Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank, and drop in on our pick of the week to find out why you should be a 6th grade mentor. “Unsung” is PittsburghOnVideo.org‘s first original programming developed exclusively for the site, made possible by The […]

Chatterbox1 Read more

S’eclairer Chatterbox 1: Nature Deficit Disorder

This week, we welcome Tirzah Mason and Jonas Cheney to discuss Nature Deficit Disorder. Are our children afraid to go outside?  Are we ignoring our neighbors?  Join us for a discussion about these issues. S’eclairer Chatterbox is an open discussion Podcast (or netcast) that you can listen to on iTunes and other Podcast sources. Have any […]

Chachi Says 51: Law of Two Feet Exercised Read more

Chachi Says 51: Law of Two Feet Exercised

Chachi is on the North Shore after making some Unsung magic, and talks about being on stage for AwesomeCast live at Podcamp Pittsburgh, the session he didn’t like from Podcamp, the 649, and more.  Gust starring Sorg. Send in your comments, user questions, requests, video voicemail links (YouTube posts preferred) and more to csvidcast@gmail.com or […]