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AwesomeCast 364: The Lowercase “i”s

This week we’ve got Susan and Vance of Ohio Linuxfest in studio to share some news about their event at the end of the month. We’ve also got our usual cast of characters with Sorg, Katie, and Chilla as we talk about the obvious things – Apple updates! Susan and Vance are sharing this year’s […]

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AwesomeCast 362: Windows Hipster

We’ve got Ron “Krazy” Krause in studio this week joining Sorg and Katie, with Chilla reporting in from Studio C.  They’re talking some of the current tech news, including: Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week. It involves cats and Backblaze. PSA: Remember to back up your stuff. Krause’s Awesome Thing of the […]

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AwesomeCast 341: Angry iPhone

We’ve got our usual gadget hounds Sorg, Chilla, and Katie on for AwesomeCast 341.  We also have a special guest in studio.  Andy Quayle of Tubu Internet Solutions joins us to talk about what he’s been up to, and some fun things in tech. This week we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including: Katie […]

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AwesomeCast 133: A Stomach What??

This week Sorg and Chachi, are joined by DJ Lunchbox  to talk about podcast apps, Virtual Reality, PC building, DDR in classrooms, The Yota phone, bookless libraries , and So much more! Join us live Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. EST on! Join the AwesomeCast on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to follow us on iTunes in both video and audio formats, as well […]

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Vote for Sorgatron Media Shows!

It’s award time for Stitcher! A lot of people listen to our shows on the Stitcher app, Drop by and please vote for Wrestling Mayhem Show, AwesomeCast, or Let’s Play in their appropriate categories (or EVERY category) and help the work know about what we’re doing!

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Chachi Says 51: Law of Two Feet Exercised

Chachi is on the North Shore after making some Unsung magic, and talks about being on stage for AwesomeCast live at Podcamp Pittsburgh, the session he didn’t like from Podcamp, the 649, and more.  Gust starring Sorg. Send in your comments, user questions, requests, video voicemail links (YouTube posts preferred) and more to or […]