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BOLD Sports: Episode 7

Matt and Steve are knocking it out of the park this week as they take you around the Pittsburgh (and maybe a little beyond) sports scene. Steve has pulled ahead of Matt in this week’s fantasy round-up with a 9-5 (versus Matt’s 5-9) and it pulls him ahead in the season standings (by one). Now […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 6

It’s time, once again, for your weekly Pittsburgh sports updates! Even though the Pirates are nowhere in the picture, Matt and Steve are bringing you this week’s baseball updates as we make our way through the NFL season and start comfortably back into the NHL season. As they do, Matt and Steve recap their current […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 4

Steve and Matt are keeping the dream alive as they bring us this week’s updates in Pittsburgh sports talk. Steve and Matt are talking about their 8-8 fantasy tie for the week, but Matt’s holding a slight lead at 30-17 over Steve’s 29-18 record so far. At the top of the show we’ve got some […]

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BOLD Nights Out: Episode 62

Amanda and Steve are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather. Their recommendation is to get out and enjoy it while you can – it might be your last opportunity before the weather turns! This week, Amanda and Steve are drinking Hazadelic Juice Grenade from Grist House (via Whole Foods South Hills). Want to know where you should […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 3

This week, the guys are talking about the status of their fantasy line-ups before heading into the nitty gritty sports talk. At the top of the show they’re covering the Pirates – while they still can. With nine games left and declining attendance, the Pirates organization is turning to promotions for a final push to […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 2

Steve and Matt are back for a second episode talking about two of the things Pittsburghers love – Pittsburgh and sports. This week, Steve and Matt are talking the usual gamut of Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers. They do a recap of last week’s predictions and how they each fared. Then it’s on to some fantasy […]