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ScareHouse Podcast 120: ScareHouse Actor 001 – Tracy Campbell

Creative Director Scott Simmons and Katie “Dudders” chat with veteran actress Tracy Campbell. They discuss Scott and Tracy’s shared television news history, what it’s like to have your face all over ScareHouse marketing, and how props, hair, and music create great ScareHouse videos. Tracy has been part of ScareHouse since 2007. Tracy met Scott when […]

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BOLD Nights Out: Episode 51

Amanda and Steve check out Voodoo Gran Met, Penn Brewery, and Wigle Barrelhouse this week. Want to know where to be seen this weekend? Amanda and Steve are recommending An Act of God, Yoga in the Square, Saturday Night Market, Wry Whiskey-Russian Themed Release Party, Kennywood Kidfest, NKOTB and Paula Abdul, Cornhole at Spoonwood, Anthrocon, […]