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Indy Mayhem Show 196: J-Rocc III – The Roccening

J-Rocc returns one more time to the show daddy!  We catch up with the latest in Cleveland with the CKCW iPPV February 9th with the controversial Eric Bischoff!  We also talk about his recent experiences working with WWE and Ring of Honor and the crazy crowds of Renegade Wrestling Alliance in West Newton, PA. Share […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 185: Justin Idol

One of our first ever interviews for Wrestling Mayhem Show returns!  Justin Idol chats with us about his long career, including his early days wrestling, his days with Eric Xtasy in the tag team Sexual Harassment, training some great talent at the International Wrestling Cartel school, working in RWA, PWX, and his latest fascination with […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 137: Chris Taylor

We talk with Chris Taylor about his career and working with Pro Wrestling Express and Renegade Wrestling Alliance, Corey Graves, and more! Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at Go to for more entertainment!  MP3 Download

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Indy Mayhem Show 123: G-Raver

This week on Indy Mayhem Show 123, G-Raver returns to discuss…his return to wrestling, his change in character over the years, and why he loves being a part of deathmatch wrestling. Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please, @inspirepro) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron, @sorgatronmedia) discuss the crazy Zandig vs Joey Janela deathmatch blowing up the internet, Global Force Wrestling in Pittsburgh and […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 122: DC Bentley

This week on Indy Mayhem Show 122, DC Bentley of Wild West joins the show talking about their upcoming RWA Tag Team title defense at Global Force Wrestling in McKeesport, PA, coming up in wrestling, and his opinion of the Will Ospreay vs Ricochet Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please, @inspirepro) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron, @sorgatronmedia) reactions to the Will Ospreay […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 103: Austin Blackburn

This week on Indy Mayhem Show 103, Austin Blackburn (@Blackburn_AB) shares early memories leading to watching WrestleMania 20, training with Michael Elgin and his philosophy of ring psychology, the love of traveling with guys like the Submission Squad, plenty of questions from the chat, and a challenge to promoters to book Davey Vega vs Austin […]