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Awesome Chat: Katie Dudas

Katie Dudas is the Director of Marketing & Sales at The Scarehouse, as well as co-host on our own AwesomeCast.  We have a chat about how she discovered Social Media, decided to work in the space, and using Facebook Live and video in her work. Also, check out and for more entertainment.  Follow […]

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ScareHouse Podcast 112: Macabre Noir, Aaron Doctor Morose, and The Mad Muse Lori Howsare Discuss Wearing Your Weird on the Outside and Atrocity Exhibition IX

The award winning Atrocity Exhibition’s ninth performance will take you to hell. Katie “Dudders” caught up with Macabre Noir, Aaron Doctor Morose, and Lori Howsare “The Mad Muse” at Atrocity’s command center, aka Macabre’s living room. They talk about the creative process, theater theory, and Atrocity Exhibition IX: Inferno. Lori credits her theater education and […]

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ScareHouse Podcast 111: Over Caffeinated Chat with Rob Johnston About Social Media, Adapting, and Being Genuine with Your Audience

Scott Simmons and Katie “Dudders” hang out on a loading dock in Pittsburgh’s Strip District with Rob Johnston to talk about social media and the importance of being genuine with your audience. Highlights: Rob, former ScareHouse Podcast host, reminisces about his favorite ScareHouse Podcast episodes Discussing the rise and fall of Vine Why Vine was […]

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ScareHouse Podcast 110: Exploring the Pittsburgh Burlesque Scene with Boom Boom Bridgette, Moon, & Thea Biss

Katie “Dudders” sits down with Pittsburgh Burlesque performers and members of the ScareHouse family, Boom Boom Bridgette, Moon, and Thea Biss. The ladies discuss Pittsburgh’s current burlesque scene, what attracted them to performing, and how burlesque is all about loving yourself and your body. Highlights: A discussion about the various styles of burlesque Creating a […]