Mayhem Mailbag for December 11th 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

Hey hey hey hey hey!
It’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc!
Balls! Only got to see parts of raw because of other bills are more important than my cable bill so I needed to watch it on web. Ugh!

So something about slammys this week I think. When can we do wrestling mayhem show slammys? We can pick what we think would be superstar of the year? Match of the year? Feud of the year? Jobber of the year? Ect…..

So TNA had a ppv this past weekend.
It was too bad. I enjoyed the tag title match with Chavo and Hernandez vs whoever was good. Samoa joe lost to d Von ugh. Really damn it! Rvd beat Kenny king in good match. Aj vs Daniels was good for the 29,000th time. But last one. What the fuck ever!
Knockouts happened that is it! I like Victoria but I didn’t even watch it instead I went and took a shit!
Kaz wrestled someone it was pretty good. Angle’s team against aces and eights team should been good but it was barley passable. Bully ray vs Aries was pretty good. Aries steals the win wish the hogans would go fuck off! Brooke go fuck yourself! Hulk go fuck yourself! We don’t need to have hogan’s every fucking storyline ugh! Funny pic from pwi 500 magazine below explains it.

So looking forward to wwe TLC. I am looking forward to TLC with ryback & team hell no vs the shield Raines, Rollins, & Ambrose. Chairs match with sheamus and show should be good. Ziggler vs Cena in ladder match should still the show. Table match?? We will see. Is title truth vs cesaro should be good cesaro for the win I hope. Kofi vs Barrett I like both but more partial to Barrett. I would like to have Barrett be apart of world title but a championship is a championship I guess.
Punk is the man looking forward to him vs rock.
So question for the week
Who do you guys think will win royal rumble this year? I say either wade Barrett as my heel pick. As my face pick unfortunately Cena I guess.
And what would the match be at mania? Barrett vs sheamus would be good. Cena vs punk or rock as the face pick. Who is your break out superstar of the year? I say either sandow or cesaro
Please answer with the others on the show.
Till next time it’s me it’s me it’s @bigpppc
Great Job by the way fellas! Take it easy mayhem crew!

From Bo Diggity
Twitter: @ajfrompgh

Wooooooooooo. Time Warner in the Carolinas wants me to care about TNA.

TWCable Carolinas (@TWCCarolinas)
12/9/12 1:30 PM

As TNA Wrestling’s 10th year draws to a close watch TNA: Final Resolution LIVE tonight at 7:30pm…

Bo F Diggity.

The F is for firm.

AND!!!! We got a special email later this week from our Mayhemmer from across the pond, VIMAL!

Dear All at the WMS show.
I bring to you my message of Christmas cheer and an update from your favorite UK base medical person.
I think you will find that all the others have been eliminated.
I am preparing for the last exam for the next 5 years and I want to thank the WWE from eliminating itself from being a distraction to me. 3 hours of Raw is painful and is just 3 hours of stuff and most unforgivably nothing seems to matter. Wins are traded, there is no character development, the title mean less and less and what sticks in my craw is that this is with the guy I support as the champion. I was clamouring for CM punk from 2003 and now he is on top and has been for the last year and it does not seem to matter. His programme has never been top of the show and traditionally the champion is the one blamed for the success or failure of the brand.
the AJ Cena Vikki, Dolph thing baffles me (and I am so FUCKING INTELLIGENT). The WWE used to be able to make me care, and I did care through some terrible things because there was always something to hold onto that you could say was good. The in-ring product is lost currently and as a consequence the WWE has lost me. Ofcourse after the Rumble I’ll be back but now the WWE is something at the very periphery of my attention.
Friday night lights (series 3 has just started here) I love it.
Boardwalk Empire I love.
NFL even with your players killing each other and themselves holds my attention but the inconsistent play of the steelers confuses me. The problems remain on the o-line but the injuries are mainly to blame but a healthy ben could put together a run in the playoffs.
The PPV will get very few if any buys this next week, it will happen, and then everything will continue just as before.
The olympics held here in London showed the true human drama of sports. The triumph over adversity and challenge is enough to bring people in to care about the event. I cared more about the Kayak final than I do about the current WWE product and I used to love the product.
So I think Vince for finally driving me away at this crucial point in my life and showing me that my caring about any of the great stories and characters from the past was all a waste of time.

And with that the merriest of merries from me and mine to you and all of yours and with the tragedy of recent days fresh in the mind and heavy in the heart, do be thankful and good to those around you.


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