Wrestling Mayhem Show 304: Pocket Rockets in Two Places

Hotwheelz, Rizz, Wrestlefan, Bobby, Chachi, and Sorg are joined by Rick Topping, guitarist for Basick Sickness, and provider of our intro theme to talk about all that’s happening in professional wrestling.  Tonight, we get squeezed for our views on indy wrestling, get a report from the final shows at the ECW Arena, talk about our impressions of WWE 12 now that more have had time with it, Chris Jericho’s worth, Evan Bourne’s recent supension, the new tag champs, and we start the Royal Rumble excitement with a Mad Mike countdown!

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A wrestling fan since he was a wee little lad. Sorg fondly remembers the big blue cage that Hogan and Orndorf jumped to the floor off of at the same time fondly. Founding the Wrestling Mayhem Show in 2006, he spreads his love of the "sport" of wrestling to all.