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Thank you for coming to this page for consideration to appear on  Wrestling Mayhem Show. This page serves to inform you about who and what we are, and help you schedule an appearance on our show.

Facade, Vicki Gambino and Super Hentai visiting the studio

Facade, Vicki Gambino and Super Hentai visiting the studio

Who/what we are…Wrestling Mayhem Show is a wrestling talk podcast that we produce every Tuesday at 9PM Eastern for roughly two hours or so. We cover national wrestling like WWE and TNA, as well as independents like the International Wrestling Cartel, Ring of Honor, Chikara, and whatever else crosses our path. Our hosts rotate, but mainly consist of Sorg, Eamon, and DJ Lunchbox as the current core crew.

The show started in January of 2006 and has consistently produce shows, videos, and keep the community active where ever we can.We are all longtime fans of wrestling that tries not to get too tied up with being “bitchy smart marks”. We take a step back and approach it all as the entertainment we expect it to be. We all still go to local and national shows and cheer our heads off like we did as kids. Our goal is to have some fun and entertain our listeners, because that’s what wrestling is supposed to be about. Our hosts all have day jobs in video, graphics design, drafting, and other careers. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA and enjoy the access of being in a city so rich in wrestling in it’s current state and history.Our fans are in touch with us. We run a chat room/video stream on at where anywhere from 15-60 people have been known to occupy the chat at any given time, and become as much a part of the show as our hosts and guests, giving the chance to field live questions from fans. We field emails and voicemails from our fans as well.

What this has to do with you…We have done interviews with talent that has wrestled in WWE and TNA at some point, as well as members of NBC’s American Gladiators. We also have a good bit of local interest as many wrestlers from the Pittsburgh area’s IWC and PWX have joined us both remotely, and in person in the studio.If you are in the Pittsburgh area we can make arrangements for you to join us live. We have been visited by the likes of Super Hentai, the Gambino Family, Sexual Harassment, Facade, and Shiima Xion(TNA’s Zema Ion), and would be more than happy for any local guests to join us. Our studio is in the Beechview neighborhood in the south of Pittsburgh. If you are interested in joining us live, please indicate in your email.Our interviews are no holds barred and are meant to have some fun, informative discussions. We don’t push to have “shoot” interviews, but won’t shy away from a guest looking to tell some good stories. We generally DO NOT edit any of our show, as we do it live, then post it later in the night after a little audio cleanup. If something is said that you are not happy with, we are more than happy to edit it at our discretion.

The proposal… Again, we record from roughly 9 – 11 PM on Tuesdays. We generally like to do  interviews early in the show to keep them open to go as long as we are having fun with them. Generally, good times are 9:00 PM Eastern.  We are now taking interviews for all aspects of the wrestling business, from wrestlers, to video games, to comic books.

We also have the new Indy Mayhem Show for 2014 at 11 PM ET that focuses exclusively on independent wrestling and wrestlers.  We aim to have an interview every week and discussion.

If you are interested in participating in our show in an interview form, please take a look at our schedule on the right, and email us with an open date that you would like to talk with us. If you are interested in an in studio appearance, please indicate that in your email to Also, please let us know if there is anything in particular you want to talk about.

Things to consider: If you are going to be on the show, here are a few notes:

  • We are a video show!  We do not prefer to take phone call interviews.  If you are going to be on the show.  If you do not have a webcam capabilities, this will hinder your appearance.  Please follow these tips before coming on for the best experience.
  • Indy Promotion Consideration.  To be an indy for us to discuss, it has to be something our fans can see if they are not in the area.  Whether it be DVD available for purchase, online iPPV, or YouTube.   Our show does no good if you are trying to simply get butts in seats when our viewers are world wide.

About the Author

A wrestling fan since he was a wee little lad. Sorg fondly remembers the big blue cage that Hogan and Orndorf jumped to the floor off of at the same time fondly. Founding the Wrestling Mayhem Show in 2006, he spreads his love of the "sport" of wrestling to all.