Wrestling Mayhem Show 310: Sacred Lost Pit Read more

Wrestling Mayhem Show 310: Sacred Lost Pit

Wheelz, Bobby F J-Town, Wrestlefan, LB, and Sorg are talking about WWE Films, Nascar, wrestling films, and so much more! We also get an in-studio interview with the IWC Heavyweight Champion, Jimmy DeMarco, and Chest Flexor. Tune in to see what DeMarco and Flexor have to say about their future plans for IWC and the […]

AwesomeCast 91: Let Me Show You My Phone Camera Read more

AwesomeCast 91: Let Me Show You My Phone Camera

Sorg and Rob are joined by Shawn Graham and Norm Huelsman as we talk about the iPad announcement coming up next week, revisit Pinterest with a particular comparison to Tumblr, talk about Norm’s stolen phone and AT&T’s response, how an AT&T customer (not Norm) fought AT&T and won, and more!  As an added bonus, the guys […]

Unsung 22: LiveLikeLou.org Read more

Unsung 22: LiveLikeLou.org

In this edition, Chachi returns after his run at Chachi Plays for Kids, and we take an extended look at Neil Alexander and LiveLikeLou.org.  We look at all of the non-profit news and events in the area! “Unsung” is PittsburghOnVideo.org‘s first original programming developed exclusively for the site, made possible by The Pittsburgh Foundation. A […]

Screen-Shot-2012-02-17-at-7.43.40-PM-536x200 Read more

Evening with Podcamp: Monster Haiku

  A fun night we filmed a couple weeks ago.  Here’s the blurb from Podcamp Pittsburgh: Filmed at 720 Records   About the Monster Haiku Project: Once upon a time, Rachel Arnold Sager created an illustration every week for a year. The following year, Will Rutherford lent his rad haiku-writing skills to those illustrations. This […]

Chachi Says 67: Aftermath Read more

Chachi Says 67: Aftermath

Chachi Plays for Kids is done and Chachi is back with new Vidcasts! Send in your comments, user questions, requests, video voicemail links (YouTube posts preferred) and more to [email protected] or connect directly on his Twitter by follow @chachisays! You can check out the show on  YouTube and Blip.tv and subscribe to Chachi Says on iTunes!  Be sure to leave […]

AwesomeCast 90: 60% increase in RAWR… Read more

AwesomeCast 90: 60% increase in RAWR…

Chachi, and Sorg are joined by the newly minted Jersey Boy, cartoonist and animator Mulango Akpo-Esambe as we tackle the tough topics.  Tough topics like Korea putting time limits and curfews on gaming, thoughts on the Playstation Vita, the latest efforts by Comcast to combat Netflix, and what chance it has, Google’s security issues, Mac OS X Mountain […]