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Wrestling Mayhem Show 425: Shelton Kingston

This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 425, we talk all the latest headlines and more in pro wrestling, including:   What excites us for Money In The Bank. Who was surprisingly not cut from WWE? Are we interested in Global Force Wrestling? Discussion on TNA: Bound For Glory going to Japan. A Remember When of […]

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#CityofMakers at Alphalab Gear: Lifeshel

We talk with Lifeshel about their encounter with President Barack Obama the day before in Pittsburgh, what the goals are for creating hardware for your phone to curb sexual assaults that you hopefully won’t have to use, and much more! Check them out at http://lifeshel.com/ Learn more about Alphalab Gear at http://alphalabgear.org/ Find more at https://sorgatronmedia.com/awesomecast

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AwesomeCast 204: Android Licorice Twizzler

This week on Awesomecast 204, we talk the latest and most awesome things going on in the world of technology, including:     Our awesome things of the week in technology; a connector AJ got at a conference and the app Swarm. Discussion on tech drones with Katie Dudas and Dick Zhang of IDENTIFIED Tech. […]

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Rambling Movie Minute 34: Optimus Definitely Isn’t Fuel Efficient

This week,  Mulango Akpo-Esembe (@ramblingmango), Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) and Mad Mike (@madmike4883) talk all of the movie and TV news fit to Podcast.  We look at the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer, we look at Transformers: Age of Extinction vs Snowpiercer this weekend, discuss Pixar’s latest short being shown, is Echo a modern day ET, Harrison […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 25: Facade

This week, old time friend of the show the “Neon Ninja” Facade joins us to talk earliest memories with wrestling, coming up in Pittsburgh with the Coalition of Competition, working great names like AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Sabu recently, and the best and worst of indy wrestling. Sorg (@sorgatron) and Eamon (@eamon2please) also discuss […]

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Journal of Lifestyle Medicine: Joan Kaylor on Energy Medicine

In the current print issue of the Journal, local counselor Joan Kaylor talks about her transition from Licensed Professional Counselor to Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Medicine. Joan started the first support group in Pittsburgh for OCD and trichotillmania (hair pulling) in 1989, before she started her career in counseling. As a therapist, she continually sought better […]