Indy Mayhem Show 131: LaBar vs Plummer Read more

Indy Mayhem Show 131: LaBar vs Plummer

Weeks before the two lead teams at House of Hardcore 20​ on October 15, Chair Shot Reality​’s Justin LaBar​ and International Wrestling Cartel ​ owner Justin Plummer​ meet face to face in a special edition of Indy Mayhem show. We also get a special appearance by Britt Baker​ to discuss the mix of MMA contenders […]

Awesome Chat: Deco Resources Read more

Awesome Chat: Deco Resources

Anthony Stewart of Deco Resources joins us to discuss how Deco Resources is looking at sustainable solutions for reusable water, using solar panels to provide wifi along with PittMesh in Millvale, PA, working with New Sun Rising, and being influenced by his mother, the first woman to open a lab in Pennsylvania. This episode was […]

AwesomeCast 318: Ohio LinuxFest is for Lovers Read more

AwesomeCast 318: Ohio LinuxFest is for Lovers

Susan Rose and Vance Kochenderfer join us once again to talk about what is in store for this year’s Ohio Linuxfest in Columbus, OH! Chilla is curious about the new Blue Raspberry portable microphone.  But is it worth the $200 price tag? Sorg is happy for the Plex Cloud.  It could have saved his Plex […]

Fishing Without Bait Podcast Read more

Fishing Without Bait 58: Who’s Driving the Bus

Fishing Without Bait is a client Podcast.  Sorgatron Media and Sidekick Media Services have helped with the development, technology, social media, and publication.  Can we help with you’re Podcast? Contact us today! James Ellermeyer discusses the bus of your life.  We don’t always like what the driver does, or the people that get on the bus with us.  […]

sawtooth-willie-66 Read more

Sawtooth Willie 66: Holy Cats

Sawtooth Willie is still trying to come to grips with his incident with a cat and his tooth. In this, he tells us the secrets to cats. Even that one next to you right now…planning… LIKE Sawtooth Willie on Facebook! FOLLOW Sawtooth Willie on Twitter! SUBSCRIBE to Sawtooth Willie on Youtube!