Wrestling Mayhem Show 573: A Rightful Sacrifice Read more

Wrestling Mayhem Show 573: A Rightful Sacrifice

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, Madmike, and Wheelz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 573, and they’re talking about what’s happening, including: We’re continuing our sad Enzo series on tonight’s show. The Revival is working on their album. We’ve got Sorg and Mad Mike doing Enzo and Cass impressions live on air. Is Enzo violating the wellness policy […]

AwesomeCast 350: Flying the Awesome Skies Read more

AwesomeCast 350: Flying the Awesome Skies

This week, the boys are back! Sorg and Chilla are joined by Will Rutherford – as he makes his return to Podcast Day. The crew shares some of this week’s tech news for AwesomeCast 350, including: Chilla is sharing his Awesome Thing of the Week – an Apple battery case that saved his recent travels. […]

Sawtooth 89 Read more

Sawtooth Willie 89: Introspection

What’s in a name?  Sawtooth’s friendly hobos, Savannah Nevada, his favorite color, the most delicious pigeon, sleep, and more as Sawtooth chats with James Ellermeyer of Fishing Without Bait. LIKE Sawtooth Willie on Facebook! FOLLOW Sawtooth Willie on Twitter! SUBSCRIBE to Sawtooth Willie on Youtube!

Podcast Logo 2017 Read more

ScareHouse Podcast 115: Zombie Army, Naked and Scared, and Pushing Haunted House Boundaries

Scott Simmons and Kate “Dudders” Dudas join fellow haunters, hustlers, and provocateurs John Laflamboy (Zombie Army Productions) and Pat Konopelski (Shocktoberfest) for an extended conversation about modern haunted attractions. John shares the birth and legacy of Chicago’s Zombie Army and their much beloved Party Bus The true story behind the world famous “Naked and Scared” […]

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Comic Book Pitt 252: Comic Mixer at Coffee Buddha

HOSTS: Dan, Jared NEWS/TALK: Dan and Jared were invited to Coffee Buddha for their after hours Comic Mixer with local comics creators Jeremy Baum and Nils Balls. We talked with Jeremy and Nils about their past and current projects and had a brief conversation about some recent comics. Coffee Buddha https://www.thecoffeebuddha.com/ Jeremy Baum http://madbaumer37.deviantart.com/ Nils Balls […]