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Indy Mayhem Show 173: RC Dupree

We’ve got Part Deux of our apparent Team Storm series with this week’s guest.  RC Dupree joins us to talk about a host of things including growing up watching kings from all over the world coming to fight Hulk Hogan, being told by an indy promoter that he’d be a good referee – and using it […]

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AwesomeChat: Marta on the Move

Marta Napoleone Mazzoni of Marta on the Move is in studio for this week’s AwesomeChat.  She talks about her early beginnings as an interviewer – talking with her stuffed animals, and how she made the transition from hating her own voice to accepting it and moving on.  She also shares some insights (and importance) of traveling […]

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The Broadcast Podcast 21: Andrea Laurion and Vivian Lee Croft of Girls Write Pittsburgh

Vivian Lee Croft and Andrea Laurion cofounded Girls Write Pittsburgh to give teenage girls in Pittsburgh a safe space for writing and self-expression. They talked to us about how their weekly sessions helps build confidence and critical thinking skills among the girls who participate.  They’re in Garfield and Brookline now, with plans to expand to other […]

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BOLD Nights Out: Episode 58

Amanda and Steve are drinking Darkhorse Double Down Red Blend and Victory Something this week, and Steve has a shout out for his friends at Should I Drink That (SIDT) and Yinz Love BBQ. Aside from that, the dynamic weekend duo is talking about some of the fun things coming up with BOLD Pittsburgh – […]