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BOLD Nights Out: Episode 62

Amanda and Steve are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather. Their recommendation is to get out and enjoy it while you can – it might be your last opportunity before the weather turns! This week, Amanda and Steve are drinking Hazadelic Juice Grenade from Grist House (via Whole Foods South Hills). Want to know where you should […]

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Awesome Chat: Cynthia Closkey

Cynthia Closkey of Shift Collaborative talks with us about her career including a brush with Steve Jobs at NEXT Computers, MIT, and more! Also, check out and for more entertainment.  Follow Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) and @AwesomeCast for updates and live streams of our interviews! Subscribe on Facebook,Stitcher, Spreaker, iTunes, and Youtube! 

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Basic Sorganomics: Podcast Day Hangover

What happens when you’re podcasting from 7pm until midnight – and then doing post-production and clean-up?  Think of it like a night of drinking – except with a microphone and the internet.  That’s right, we’re hungover this morning.  But, it’s a podcast hangover. Follow Basic Sorganomics on Facebook, Youtube, Google Music, Spreaker, iTunes, Stitcheror TalkShoe, or subscribe to the Sorgatron Media Master […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 589: The Champion We Deserve

We’re back to our usual stable of Sorg, Chad the Shad, Mutilator Larry, and Bobby F J-Town as we talk this week in wrestling, including: Our guest tonight, The Rev, upped the call-in-sick ante to call off tonight’s show by burning stuff down. Friend of the show, Brandon Mynatt, will be a participant in the 2018 […]

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Web Thinger: James McAvoy Paw Patrol 

James McAvoy is hanging out with his PAW Patrol blanket on Instagram. We learn about measuring legs by national monuments We also take a look at a bikini company on LinkedIn where people get personal about their Check out our Web Thinger Crew: Krystle Grandy Instagram: krystlegrandy_ Scot MacTaggart Pitchwerks Katie Dudas Twitter: @kdudders, The ScareHouse, AwesomeCast Joshua Corcoran Instagram: sparechangetv Erick […]