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AwesomeCast 381: Blades of Grass Test

Krause is in studio with Sorg as Chilla joins in remotely from Studio C this week.  In a post-CES world, we’ve got a ton of stuff we’re talking about this week, including: Krause got a new TV he’s sharing as his Awesome Thing of the Week. It’s a Samsung 4K. Chilla and Krause are sharing […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 604: Rumble with Elias

We’ve got a special guest in studio this week as we’re joined by comedian Matt Light.  And, there is a ton of stuff to talk about this week, including: Our guest Matt Light mixes wrestling with comedy. The best of both worlds. Larry has a foam finger – but not the finger you’re thinking… We […]

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Fishing Without Bait 125: Power of Prayer With Jasmine Tate

Fishing Without Bait is a client Podcast.  Sorgatron Media and Sidekick Media Services have helped with the development, technology, social media, and publication.  Can we help with your Podcast? Contact us today!   We continue our discussion with Singer/songwriter Jasmine Tate and Jim Ellermeyer as we discuss further her story praying with teenagers at a McDonald’s. They discuss […]

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Web Thinger 4: Stranger Hair

Natalia Dyer, “Nancy” from Stranger Things​ took a picture of her costar. Finn Wolfhard​ stars as “Mike” on the show, and as “boy with brush in hair” on Dyer’s Instagram. As you can expect, the comments get weird. Web Thinger is hosted by Scot MacTaggart​ of Pitchwerks​ with guests Michelle Flynn​ (@FlynnFootage on Twitter and […]

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ScareHouse Podcast 126: Basement Managers Tracy and Kevin

Creative Director Scott Simmons and Dir. of Sales and Marketing Katie “Dudders” visit Basement Manager Tracy’s house to chat with her and Basement Assistant Manager (BAM) Kevin about last season of The Basement, transitioning from actor to manager, and planning for Valentine’s Day in The Basement. Wigz, The Basement character Patti’s cat, makes a special […]

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The Broadcast Podcast 31: Rebecca Lucore

Rebecca Lucore is Head of CSR and Sustainability for Covestro LLC’s America’s region. She is responsible for innovating new approaches to social programs, philanthropy and donations, community relations and partnerships and sustainability initiatives in North and South America. We talked to her about the company’s recent THINC30 summit and the concept of reverse mentoring, where […]