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Indy Mayhem Show: Payton Graham

11 year veteran Payton Graham joins the show to talk about growing up around wrestling, being introduced to indy wrestling in Pittsburgh, how he got his name and early moniker, Black Hand Society and Camp Crusher memories across Black Diamond Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Xpress, Steel City Ghostbusters, and his recent experiences against MV Young […]

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BOLD Sports Episode 100

Bold Sports Episode 100  Robert Parish 9 time Allstar and 4 time Champion w/Celts.    Steelers Johnny Clement 1946-48,  Pirates, Joe Page, Junior Ortiz, Rick White, PCBS Golf Outing. Riverhounds-  the Hounds had a 1-nil win this past Saturday over Saint Louis FC. the hounds last regular season match is this Saturday at Birmingham Legion.  The […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 686: Welcome to the Zander Zone

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling US, Slice on Broadway, Sidekick Media Services, and Pittsburgh Wrestling. We are back in the studio with wrestler Zander Gabriel who’s ready to Zanderize and talk about wrestling news for the week, including: We chat about the Wednesday Night War kicking off with All Elite Wrestling […]

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AwesomeCast 466: Getting PostIndustrial

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, and Sidekick Media Services. We are back talking tech with Sorg, Chilla, and our guests Matt Stroud and Alex Egan from PostIndustrial! Sorg is talking his latest obsession Mario Kart Tour We talk about the recent access to retro games including the latest Internet Archive […]

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Comic Book Pitt 329: Fantastic Four #15

The entire CBP crew is on hand for the Grand Reopening event at the New Dimension Comics Waterfront location. We talk about the shop, diving for dollar comics, dark thoughts about craft stores, and discuss Fantastic Four 15, Batman 78, Harleen, Grendel Odyssey 1, Batman Curse of the White Knight, Action Comics 1015, and Young […]