Panel Riot 82: Maria Brown

This week on Panel Riot 2 things happen. 1: Will is joined by Maria Brown to talk Star Trek, etymology and more. Maria is brilliant and should have her own show. 2: We advertise for like, a bunch of other podcasts. The fact that we arent getting paid by any of them is criminal. Enjoy! […]

Panel Riot 81: clap clap clap clap

How did the Friends theme go? Anyway, the boys gather to talk about movies and such, including a primer for Avengers: The one based off of Infinity Gauntlet. This episode was recorded BEFORE Avengers: The one based off of Infinity Gauntlet came out, so no fear of spoilies! Enjoy. Panel Riot is brought to you […]

Panel Riot 80: Re-Edited

Big shake-ups at Marvel. BIG SHAKE-UPS. Zeek, TJ n Willbo get into all that shit. There is also a lightning round. Bummmmbahbahhhhh! Panel Riot is brought to you by viewers like you! Find out more at Join us on Facebook at

Panel Riot 79: The Petri Method

Listen to “Panel Riot Episode 79 – The Petri Method” on Spreaker. I’m gonna level with you, this one STARTS off the rails. Zeek, Tj and Willbo find their way eventually, getting all the ways you can make comics. Literally, all of them. It’s a good time, stick with it. Panel Riot is brought to […]

Panel Riot 78: Taika Waititi

Listen to “Panel Riot Episode 78 – Taika Waititi” on Spreaker. Yeah! Another episode! This week, the boys talk about Thor in a very spoiley fashion. In that they spoil it. But only in the second half! First half is clear. Also, something important in all of our brains break and we become obsessed with […]

Panel Riot 77: Lightning Round

Listen to “Panel Riot Episode 77 – Lightning Round” on Spreaker. Well, well, well. Look who’s back. Its us. We back. And we’re not alone! Will is now joined by permanent Co-Hosts TJ and Zeek and its just a real good time. We talk about comics. The show is still about comics. Check it out! […]