AwesomeCast 110: Touting my Raspberry Pi

Frank Chynowyth and AJ Kuftic join Rob, Sorg, and Chachi for this week’s episode as we talk this week’s things geek. We start off the show with a continuation of a story from last week. AJ chimes in his thoughts regarding ads in applications such as Twitter, and resparks the conversation. From there we move to a Jell-O and an iPhone case/stun gun. As awesome as Jello-O and a stun gun would be combined, it’s actually two separate chunks of information from Rob. From there, the show veers toward the Android market as Frank and AJ talk Android and their new Jelly Bean OS. The show wraps up with discussions on the Nexus Q, Yahoo’s new big wig: Marissa Mayer, and Tout. So check it out. And, if you like it, join us live Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. ESTon!

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