Boss Battle 152: Transformers Vomit Comet

transformers vomit cometThis week on Boss Battle 152, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays) and Sorg (@Sorgatron). On this weeks show:

  • We played games. And, we achieved things this week.
  • Bioshock Infinte broke Sorg this week. He’s telling us about his experience now – 4 days later.
  • We’re going around the net, net, net with Chachi and Captain Fuzzy Pants!
  • Transformers R360 puts the player in a 360 game play environment. #vomitcomet
  • Tour de France invaded by Mario and Luigi on this week’s internet finds with Chachi.
  • Shia LaBeouf is in a Sonic video and Chachi is telling you all about it on this week’s show.
  • New Mortal Kombat X character announced.
  • Street Fighter 5 unleashes a cross between Blanca/DragonballZ character for their new guy.
  • You may not have to spend money on Street Fighter 5 DLC. They’re opening up DLC with gameplay options instead.
  • Is Street Fighter 5 the return of secret character achievement unlocks?
  • EA Sports recognizes ladies. Women make the cover of FIFA, and you have the option to play women’s teams!
  • Project Cars cancelled on Wii U. Is it okay for a developer to cancel a game on one system if they know a new system is on the horizon?

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