Both sides of Medicine with Mrs Cardiology, Sunita Pandit

As the wife and office manager of a busy Cardiologist, Sunita Pandit has seen the Medical Industry from the inside, dealing with patients, insurance companies and other doctors. But it was her role as caregiver to an elderly mother and an adult son with Cerebral Palsy, that opened her eyes to the limitations of the traditional medical system, and began her journey into holistic medicine. Today, both her mother and son are prescription drug free and healthy, thanks to her understanding of nutrition and many other aspects of integrated medicine. She now shares her wisdom and interviews guests on her weekly podcast, Mrs Cardiology, on TalkShoe Radio. In this cast, she discusses some of the lessons learned on the journey, and explains the diagnostic tool that she uses to give a snapshot view of your oxidation level — what she calls a nutritional lie detector. This is a fascinating discussion with a woman who does it all!

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