Intro to Audio Podcasting: How to Record Your Podcast

During the last series, we touched upon what technology you need (microphones, etc.) to get started with recording a podcast.  We are continuing our series of seminars in early November, with a discussion of How to Record Your Podcast.  We will recap what a podcast is, as well as cover the basics of what to do to get started with recording a podcast and how to post a podcast once you’ve recorded it.  The seminar will include a presentation, handout materials, and a Q&A with the presenter to address additional questions.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, we would love to see you at our live lunch n’ learn session on November 5, 2015 beginning at 12:00 pm.  Lunch will be provided for those in attendance.  If you are not in the Pittsburgh area – or if you cannot make it to the live session on November 5th, a follow-up webinar is scheduled for November 10, 2015 beginning at 2:00 p.m.

The seminar will be led by Michael Sorg.  Michael hosts, engineers, posts, and/or advises on a minimum of 12 podcasts for his own network and clients every week in the fields of technology, entertainment, healthcare, and more.

To register for the Lunch n’ Learn event, click here.

To register for the Webinar event, click here.


Photo Credit: Daniel Hooven

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