Kate Kill of the Himalayan Inst. Pgh.

JOLM-7When most Americans think of Yoga, they only think of supple young people doing postures and poses. Today’s guest Kate Kill, Director of the Himalayan Institute Pittsburgh, discusses why that is only one small slice of a very large pie.

Kate authored an article in the upcoming Summer print issue of the Journal of Lifestyle Medicine on just this topic–how there are many brands, but only one true Yoga. That Yoga is far deeper, wider and richer than any one person can comprehend in one lifetime, but one who might have come closest is Pandit Rajmani Tinguinat, Ph.D., Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute, a woldwide organization that has trained tens of thousands of yoga teachers. His new book on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is an instant classic, and Kate discusses it, Panditji’s upcoming visit to Pittsburgh, and many things she has learned first hand from her practice.

Also, watch a video for a power smoothie from a brand new health coach. Although you know him as a local TV news reporter, Sheldon Ingram is also the newest coach at Epiphany Counseling and Wellness Center in Murrysville. Diane Dean has put together a great crew of professionals, and with CHHC added to his name, Sheldon is a great example of how to live a vibrant life. He’ll be our guest next week, but for now, enjoy this video recipe for Sheldon’s power smoothie.

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Himalayan Institute


Book Tour stop in Pittsburgh

Himalayan Institute Pittsburgh

Whirl Magazine Yogafest

Sheldon Ingram’s Power Smoothie Video Recipe


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