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IWC Pure Talent Available Now!

[show_wp_shopping_cart]   IWC Pure Talent January 27th, 2012 – Elizabeth, PA Bobby Shields vs Logan Shulo Jason Gory vs Aiden Veil Super Indy XI Qualifier: Ricky Shane Page vs Omega Aaron Draven IWC Tag Title Match: The One Nighters vs Tyler Stone & David R. DiMera The Founding Fathers vs The Gambinos IWC Super Indy Titles Match: […]

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Unsung 20: Your Environmental Road Trip

We’re talking with the people behind YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip, Take a Shot, and the people behind the Soup Sega! All this and Write On Kids, Chachi Plays, Live Action Candy Land, and much more! “Unsung” is‘s first original programming developed exclusively for the site, made possible by The Pittsburgh Foundation. A big […]

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S’eclairer Chatterbox 19: Drug Dependency in Teens

In this edition, we talk Christina Weimer talks with us about the drug problems kids are having and dealing with the families affected. We talk about the perceptions of being cool with the drug dealers, the perceptions of parents, and much more. Have any questions about the topics in this episode? Join us for a […]

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RWA Uprising 4 Available Now!

[show_wp_shopping_cart] We are pleased to announce of first of many DVD releases in 2012!  Starting with the Renegade Wrestling Alliance’s 3rd Anniversary show in a 2 disc set!  Here’s a teaser. RWA Uprising 4 (2 discs) Saturday, January 21th, 2012, West Newton, PA RWA Heavyweight Championship: Shane Valentine vs. Calvin McGrath Non sanctioned no holds barred: Shane Taylor vs. […]

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Chachi Says 66: Close to the Action

Chachi Plays for Kids update and Chachi tells us about his first gig shooting ringside at a wrestling show. Send in your comments, user questions, requests, video voicemail links (YouTube posts preferred) and more to [email protected] or connect directly on his Twitter by follow @chachisays! You can check out the show on  YouTube and and subscribe to Chachi […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 305: More Interesting Than John Laurinaitis

Bobby, Rizz, Wrestlefan, LB, Chachi, and Sorg are talking the disappointment of Evan Bourne’s second wellness violation, speculations and love for Royal Rumbles, the prospect of Ring of Honor and Chikara working together, and Chachi explains all of the things more interesting than John Laurinaitis. We also talk with the newest IWC Super Indy Champion, Michael Facade […]