AwesomeCast 86:  Unacknowledged By Chachi Read more

AwesomeCast 86: Unacknowledged By Chachi

Chachi, and Sorg are joined again by Bryan Snyder, fresh off a temporary unemployment, as we talk about the SOPA fall out, the MegaUpload raids, iBooks updates for education, just how big is Apple’s cash pile, and more! Join the AwesomeCast on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to follow us on iTunes in both video and audio formats, as well as YouTube, Boxee, Roku, and!  As always, you can chime […]

Chatterbox18 Read more

S’eclairer Chatterbox 18: Pain and Chiropractic Methods

In this edition, we talk  Dr. Donald Valentine about dealing with pain and what can be accomplished with chiropractic methods.  We talk about how diagnosis occurs, soft tissue injuries, misconceptions, and more! Have any questions about the topics in this episode?  Join us for a discussion about these issues! S’eclairer Chatterbox is an open discussion […]

Chachi Says 65: Stop SOPA! Read more

Chachi Says 65: Stop SOPA!

Chachi Plays for Kids update (we’re half way there!) and why should you care about all of this SOPA and Protect IP stuff going on in the government? Send in your comments, user questions, requests, video voicemail links (YouTube posts preferred) and more to [email protected] or connect directly on his Twitter by follow @chachisays! You can […]

Unsung 19: Every Child Read more

Unsung 19: Every Child

We’re back for the New Year from the City Theater, where we take a look at what’s playing,  an interview about Every Child, helping foster kids in the area, and much more! “Unsung” is‘s first original programming developed exclusively for the site, made possible by The Pittsburgh Foundation. A big thanks to Mangtoons for […]

Wrestling Mayhem Show 304: Pocket Rockets in Two Places Read more

Wrestling Mayhem Show 304: Pocket Rockets in Two Places

Hotwheelz, Rizz, Wrestlefan, Bobby, Chachi, and Sorg are joined by Rick Topping, guitarist for Basick Sickness, and provider of our intro theme to talk about all that’s happening in professional wrestling.  Tonight, we get squeezed for our views on indy wrestling, get a report from the final shows at the ECW Arena, talk about our […]

AwesomeCast 85: Angry Nerds Unite! Read more

AwesomeCast 85: Angry Nerds Unite!

Rob, Chachi, and Sorg are joined again by Cynthia Closkey of Big Big Design to talk about all the craziness of SOPA on the eve of the big blackout of January 18 and tear apart the bill and what we can do about it.  We also touch on the Google Personalized Search questions, Zappos getting hacked, the rise […]