Rambling Movie Minute 33: How to Train Your Batman

How to train your dragon 2This week,  Mulango Akpo-Esembe (@ramblingmango), Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) and Mad Mike (@madmike4883) talk all of the movie and TV news fit to Podcast.  We look at Jonah Hill vs Jonah Hill with “22 Jump Street” vs “How to Train Your Dragon 2″, including a review of “…Dragon 2″.  We look at the leaked list of DC Comic movies and if we think they will fly, whether they should combine with the DC television universe of “Arrow” and “Flash”, Hulk being revamped in the Marvel Cinemaverse, Scooby Doo coming back to live action movies, and quick reviews of “Frank and the Robot”, “Machete Kills”, “Escape From Tomorrow”, and “Blended”.

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