ScareHouse Podcast 133: 2018 ScareHouse Season Recap with Scott Simmons, Katie “Dudders”, and Nino Balistrieri

Scott, Nino, and Dudders look back on the craziness that was the 2018 ScareHouse season. From creating a zombie themed pop up bar, appearing all over the season, and super fun season, this has been an amazing haunt season!

* Bringing the Zombie Den to life in Market Square.
* It was a fun and incredibly busy season.
* Building the new Pittsburgh Zombies haunt to life and hidden Easter Eggs.
* Hot tip 1: Find a graphic designer that enjoys good puns.
* The birth of the bike riding zombie and the zombie pickle characters.
* Hot tip 2: Get yourself a good leadership team. It will allow you to do more of the things you love.
* Nino got to dig into DMX programming this season.
* The “peppermint nightmare” at A Creepy Christmas.
* ScareHouse’s weird history with Christmas.
* How quickly A Creepy Christmas came together.
* Adding our humor to A Creepy Christmas.
* Bringing back our Krampus props.
* Customer and cast reactions to A Creepy Christmas.

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