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Comic Book Pitt 254: The Skittles of Lightsabers

HOSTS: Dan, Scott NEWS/TALK:  We had a great night recording live at Coffee Buddha (https://www.thecoffeebuddha.com/). We want to thank Mike and the CB staff for hosting us. COMICS: Batman #24, Darth Vader #1, Spencer & Locke #1, Kaijumax Vol. 2 UPCOMING EVENTS: Kennywood Comicon (June 18)

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Wife of the Show’s Loot Crate Reveal

Sorg is out of the office.  Which means Wife of the Show, Missy, is working some overtime. Check out her Loot Crate reveal video from Insert Coin to Begin: This month’s Loot Crate happened to arrive while Sorg was away on his Gathering of the Juggalos vacation.  Instead of letting the crate sit idly by […]

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Rambling Movie Minute 33: How to Train Your Batman

This week,  Mulango Akpo-Esembe (@ramblingmango), Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) and Mad Mike (@madmike4883) talk all of the movie and TV news fit to Podcast.  We look at Jonah Hill vs Jonah Hill with “22 Jump Street” vs “How to Train Your Dragon 2″, including a review of “…Dragon 2″.  We look at the leaked list of DC […]

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Rambling Movie Minute 28: Zach Efron’s Abs vs Spider-Man 2

This week,  Mulango Akpo-Esembe (@ramblingmango), Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) and Mad Mike (@madmike4883)  touch base with what their watching, including Zach Efron’s abs single handily beat Spider-Man 2. Why did it get such bad ratings?  We also take a look at NBC cancellations, Constantine for TV, the hype going into Godzilla, Arrow and The Flash, Agents of Shield […]

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S’eclairer Chatterbox 4: Our Inner Super Hero

This week, we welcome Tirzah Mason, Safdar Chaudhary, Omair Chaudhary, and Rachel Kuszaj join us to talk about our Inner Superhero.  Why are superheros so popular, and what do they reflect in our culture over the years in America? How does music help you?  Have any stories to share?  Join us for a discussion about […]

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Chachi Says 45: I’m Batman!

Chachi has told you time and time again.  He’s Batman.  And this is why…and the latest YinzTeam Report! *Explicit Language* Send in your comments, user questions, requests, video voicemail links (YouTube posts preferred) and more to [email protected] or connect directly on his Twitter by follow @chachisays! You can check out the show on  YouTube and Blip.tv and […]