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BOLD Sports: Episode 19

Let’s go Pens! Matt and Steve are back this week with their fantasy football updates. Matt takes a big hit with a record of 0-4 for the week. But, before we get into football talk, let’s start on a happier note! The Penguins are up 4 wins his week against the Islanders, Bruins, Red Wings, […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 18

We’re into playoff football, and Matt and Steve couldn’t be happier. The show had a nice retweet this week thanks to Adam Schefter! Otherwise, we’re looking at the playoff picture. The boys are still running with their fantasy football bookings, and Steve is taking a bit of a lead in Week 1. But, college football […]

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BOLD Nights Out: Episode 69

It’s a New Year – and a new episode starting off 2018 the BOLDest of ways! This week Amanda and Steve are drinking some Southern Tier Cinnamon Roll. As for where you should be drinking this weekend, the dynamic duo recommends Ciderlands Beer Company. And, if you’re looking for a great place to grab a […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 17

We’re into football playoffs, and Matt and Steve take a look at what’s ahead. Now that the regular football season is over, Matt and Steve take a look back on their fantasy football season. But, before they head into their thoughts for the NFL post-season, they’re taking a look at some NCAA hoops action. With […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 15

We’re headed into Christmas – which can only mean NCAA conference games are right around the corner! Matt and Steve are feeling pretty jolly this week as we head into Christmas. They’ve got an even playing field on this week’s fantasy scores with 10-6 for both of them. And, they’re neck-and-neck as far as their […]

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BOLD Sports: Episode 14

It may be snowing in Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk some MLB news! Matt and Steve are keeping it neck-and-neck with their fantasy football picks. With the season quickly wrapping, it’s going to be a nail-biter to see who stays on top as teams get ousted from contention! At the top of […]