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Awesome Chat: WeCloneU

WeCloneU is “cloning” people in Squirrel Hill with a combination of a room sized 3D scanner and 3D printers to make statues of you!  We talk about the process, reactions and results from the local Comic Cons and Video Game Conventions, working out the initial kinks and more! Find out more at www.wecloneu3d.com! Also, check out […]

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SM Special: Byron Winton

Join Dan Greenwald  of ComicBookPitt.com joins us once again from the Pittsburgh Comicon with next in our series of interviews with the talent in the halls of the Monroeville Convention Center. We talk with Byron Winton, a multitalented artist who has painted representations of big movies like Beetlejuice, Resident Evil, and Star Wars, as well as […]

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SM Special: Pittsburgh Comicon

Sorgatron Media teams up with Comic Book Pitt to tackle the Pittsburgh Comicon!  Join Dan Greenwald as we roll through the floor to see the sights and sounds, the cosplay costumes, Mulango’s fist foray into the Quick Draw Contest, and check in with just some of the artists, including Mike Wood, Timothy Lantz, and  Scott […]