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AwesomeCast 475: More Ports and More Fun

This week’s episode brought to you by  Slice on Broadway, and Sidekick Media Services. We have the extended AwesomeCast Crew online to talk about the year the was! We talk about our Awesome Things of the Year! Chilla loves Dongles! Including one that expands his iPad and one that turns any television into a monitor for Windows […]

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AwesomeCast 460: Goatscaping

This week’s episode brought to you by Muddy Cup, Slice on Broadway, and Sidekick Media Services. It’s Sorg and Dudders holding the fort down for this delayed release episode as we talk about this week in tech news, including: Sorg is sharing random goats in the City, thanks to Allegheny Goatscape. Dudders is taking a […]

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Awesome Chat: Jack Morgan of Duolingo​

When your resume pretty much starts with Google and you’re currently employed at a growing startup, chances are there’s a fun story on how you got there.  This week we sit down with Jack Morgan as he shares some insight into his path across the pond from England right here to Pittsburgh, what he’s working on […]

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AwesomeCast 384: Immersive Language Learning With Siri

Sorg, Chilla, and Katie are joined by Jack Morgan of Duolingo this week.  They’re sharing some tech news, including: Sorg has the perfect Awesome Thing of the Week for Chilla – an Iron Man AR helmet! Our biggest question about the Iron Man AR helmet – does it fit adults? Because we all really want one […]