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AwesomeCast 266: The Pokemon Theory

This week on Awesomecast 266, we talk awesome things in technology, including: It’s time for #AwesomeThingsOfTheWeek – including some #WizardWorld geekery talk. Sorg’s #AwesomeThingOfTheWeek is the #MicroDrone from #WizardWorld. #InterestingThingOfWizardWorld is A-Box TV.  We’re not sure how this is a thing to be honest. [email protected]’s #AwesomeThingOfTheWeek is the recent #AppleTV announcement from #Apple. #WifeOfTheShow shares some […]

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Basic Sorganomics: iPad Pro

Some thoughts on the iPad Pro and what we can use it for professionally. Follow Basic Sorganomics on Youtube, DailyMotion, Spreaker, iTunes, Stitcher or TalkShoe, or subscribe to the Sorgatron Media Master Feed on Stitcher and iTunes.   MP3 Download

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AwesomeCast 227: Creepy Glasses and Tablets

This week on Awesomecast 227, we talk awesome things in technology, including: AJ discusses the Microsoft Band and it’s parlay into purchasing a Windows Phone 6:13 The rise of Android Tablets and accessibility for the common consumer 23:37 The possibly leaked iPad Pro schematics and the futures of iOS and MAC. 33:00 Android’s advertising techniques, […]