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Wrestling Mayhem Show 537: Good for CM Punk

We discuss CM Punk’s try at the UFC Alberto Del Rio and Paige are making some interesting moves WWE Backlash makes an impact for WWE Smackdown Live.  Except for maybe Bray Wyatt. We talk Alexa Bliss, Jack Swagger’s contract, Jinder Mahal, and more! Big Question: What is the weirdest wrestling licensed product you’ve had? We look at […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 520: Podcast Redacted

This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 520, we  talk all  the latest headlines and more in pro wrestling, including: We look at the upcoming matches for WWE Extreme Rules! With the introduction of the Asylum Match, we wonder what it would take to have another match that defines wrestling. Do we need to watch WWE […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 311: Wrestling QVC

Sorg is joined by Chachi, Rizz, Bobby F J-Town, Wheelz, and our favorite MexiCanadian Wrestle Fan. This week, we’re talking about WWE’s pandering over-hype (including a Rock garden gnome find), Wrestle Fan’s upcoming trip to see Morrison, the Ultimate Warrier and more on the indy circuit, as well as the ROH 10-year anniversary, and Wrestle […]