AwesomeCast 121: Banana Piano Read more

AwesomeCast 121: Banana Piano

Sorg, Chachi, Rob, and Chilla are talking about WebOS going open source, Using X-box for more than gaming, Windows 8 woes, Losing Friends on Facebook, non-gaming stats on Steam, and so much more!  So check it out. And, if you like it, join us live Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. EST on! Join the AwesomeCast on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to […]

Freelance 4 Real 14: Podding Some Campers Read more

Freelance 4 Real 14: Podding Some Campers

Justin Kownacki, and Michael Sorg are back from the weekend of Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 and reflect on the event as current and past organizers, feedback, the value of these events, social media in freelancing, and more! This week, Mike recommends “Rework”.  You can get this audiobook for FREE from Audible at today at no risk to you.  Cancel […]

AwesomeCast 69: Squishy When I Sit Read more

AwesomeCast 69: Squishy When I Sit

We are live from Podcamp Pittsburgh 6!  Rob, Mike, and Chachi recap their thoughts on the weekend’s events of Social Media Unconferencing!  We talk to Mike Pound AKA Uncle Crappy of the Beaver County Times about his thoughts and how his Trolls session went, the Doppleganger of @lonelysandwich AKA Matt from I Prefer Booze Hound, […]