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AwesomeCast 446: Black And White Angry Birds

This week’s episode brought to you by Sidekick Media Services, Slice on Broadway, and Alex Kahrs Design & Media! Professor Buzzkill joins Sorg and Chilla as we talk this week (and this century) in tech: Chilla is sharing his Pixel 3a as his Awesome Thing of the Week. Sorg was able to attend the AlphaLab […]

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AwesomeCast 423: Yellow Brick Hole

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Bold Pittsburgh Sports Podcast and Alex Kahrs Design & Media! Dudders, Sorg, Chilla are sharing this week’s awesome tech things. Sorg is sharing Kyra Poh as his Awesome Thing Of The Week this week. Dudders is sharing Metal Straws from Groupon and also sharing her […]

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AwesomeGaming: Beta Episode 1

We’ve got some nerds and geeks together to talk some video games for our reboot of Boss Battle, and we’re doing it AwesomeCast style with AwesomeGaming.  For Beta Episode 1 we’ve got Chachi, Rizz, and Chad talking about some gaming play and news, including:   We’re celebrating Star Wars Day on the show talking some Star […]

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AwesomeCast 335: Collegiate Battle Bots

This week on AwesomeCast 335, we’re talking about awesome things in technology with Sorg, Chilla, and Producer Missy, including: We’re starting the show with Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week from this past weekend’s sports ball event. We’re talking about what it took to fly the drones during the Lady Gaga HalfTime Show for the […]

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Boss Battle 115: What Does Bread Live For?

This week on Boss Battle 115, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), and , DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) andMike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show: MP3 Download We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week. Mad Mike talks about his experience at ComicCon. In Video Game Themed Things From […]