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THRIFTY: Summer Party

“W”elcome to another chapter of my Audio Thrifting Diary. Shane Becker (@burghvintage) joins me for what can only be called “The F’n Cook Out”. This week we have a live show, recorded in someone’s backyard. This episode is the second of three Summer Fun episodes and it was wild to record. This Week’s Thrifty Finds […]

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Comic Book Pitt 316: The Walking Dead #192

Cait, Dan, Link, and Scott talk a little bit of everything in this episode…The Walking Dead #192, Fear the Walking Dead, Event Leviathan #1, Banjax #1, DCeased #2, Doomsday Clock #10, Angel #1, Spencer & Locke Vol 2, the Swamp Thing TV show cancellation, the future of the DC Universe app, and we show more […]

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THRIFTY: Excursion

“W”elcome to another chapter of my Audio Thrifting Diary. A special treat has hit the THRIFTY airwaves and you see what it’s called. I rode shotgun while Shane Becker (@burghvintage) drove. We went to 8 Thrift Stores in 1 Pittsburgh Day. This was the day. This Week’s Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics: – Giant Plastic […]

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AwesomeCast 448: Fries On Top

This week’s episode brought to you by Sidekick Media Services, Slice on Broadway, and Alex Kahrs Design & Media!  Sorg is away – so Katie, Chilla, and Producer Missy are going to play!  This week, Katie takes control of the helm as we talk this week in tech news, including: Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week […]

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“W”elcome to another chapter of my Audio Thrifting Diary. This week there is an item on the show that takes back Toddy and Josh to their childhoods, which is always..sort of dark. This Week’s Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics : – Sega Genesis (1992), 9 Games, 2 RF Adapters, 4 Controllers – Scary Stories to […]