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Wrestling Mayhem Show: Decade in Review Special

Joe Dombrowski joins us as we look at the last Decade in Review including the big companies, and independent wrestling! **A special shout out to our Manager Level Patreon supporter Occupy Pro Wrestling (@Power2TheSmarks)** You can support the show at Patreon.com/wrestlingmayhemshow! Go to wrestlingmayhemshow.com for more entertainment! Check out the Indy Wrestling US Network at www.indywrestling.network.  For a short time, get […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 689: Wrestling Makes Me Feel Good

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling US, Slice on Broadway, Sidekick Media Services, and Pittsburgh Wrestling. There are no laws as Happy Hour joins the crew to discuss the wrestling news of the week including… We’re talking the WWE NXT war starting amid Saudi Arabia travel woes on Smackdown All Elite Wrestling’s […]

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Indy Mayhem Show: ROH World TV Champion Shane Taylor

Ring of Honor World TV Champion Shane Taylor returns in our yearly check in with him as we talk about bringing prestige to the World TV Championship, this being his first “real” year in Ring of Honor, how big is Shane Taylor Productions, and the weekend’s upcoming shows in Pittsburgh and Columbus. We also dive […]

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Indy Mayhem Show: Joe Dombrowski International

Joe Dombrowski returns to talk about doing announcing with AAA TripleMania with Matt Stryker, his last interview with DJ Z / Joaquin Wilde and Johnny Gargano. Check out the content from Joe Dombrowski, Premier Wrestling, Prime Wrestling and more on www.indywrestling.network, www.indywrestling.us and www.prowrestlinglibrary.com! Go to wrestlingmayhemshow.com for more entertainment!  

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 669: Rev Mode

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling US, Slice on Broadway, and Occupy Pro Wrestling. The Rev Ron Hunt joins us to talk about what’s going on in Pro Wrestling, including: We discuss WWE and alternative wrestling We catch up with The Rev Ron Hunt We talk about the state of Ring of Honor in a world […]

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Indy Mayhem Show: Ray Lyn Goes to Japan

Ray Lyn is back from Japan to talk about her experience of 3 months working and living with Sendai Girls, her time as Chantilly Chella at Women of Wrestling on AXS, showing up on Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling and more! Check out Ray Lyn with multiple promotions at at www.indywrestling.us and www.indywrestling.network! Go to […]