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AwesomeCast 458: Drunken Robot Pornography

This week’s episode brought to you by Muddy Cup, Slice on Broadway, and Sidekick Media Services. It’s a slow tech news week, but Katie, Sorg, and Chilla have plenty to talk about, including: Katie is sharing Scream District from ScareHouse Basement as her Awesome Thing of the Week! Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week is […]

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The Broadcast Podcast 55: Erica Peterson

The Broadcast is a client Podcast.  Sorgatron Media and Sidekick Media Services have helped with the production.  Can we help with your Podcast? Contact us today! Erica Peterson is a mother of two, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker who founded Moms Can & Co.,, and Moms Can Code, an online community for moms who code. She’s won numerous awards […]

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AwesomeCast 428: Touching All The Gadgets

This week’s episode brought to you by Comic Book Pitt, Slice on Broadway, and Alex Kahrs Design & Media! Krause, Chilla, and Sorg are back in studio this week to run down the tech news you should know about, including: Sorg is sharing the Google-Assistant-themed ride at CES 2019 as his Awesome Thing of the […]

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AwesomeCast 400: Spinning Kitty Box Of Death

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Alex Kahrs Design & Media, and Dark Forge Studios! It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since we picked up our microphones and video cameras and started this podcasting about tech thing.  For the occasion, we’ve got Mike Pound, Chilla, Sorg, and Katie in studio to […]

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Boss Battle 126: Super Mario: The Agent of Our Demise

This week on Boss Battle 126, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show: We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week. :50 We answer the listener/viewer question of the week:  What was the most difficult video game level you have ever played? 8:30 In Video […]

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Boss Battle 79: Knuckles the Roided Out Echidna

This week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisayspgh), Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this week’s show: We discuss our gaming achievements of the week. In Across The Net…net…net…net…net: Chachi talks about petitions, Space MMOs and a Flappy Birds alternative. We discuss other Flappy Bird like games […]