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BOLD Sports Episode 100

Bold Sports Episode 100  Robert Parish 9 time Allstar and 4 time Champion w/Celts.    Steelers Johnny Clement 1946-48,  Pirates, Joe Page, Junior Ortiz, Rick White, PCBS Golf Outing. Riverhounds-  the Hounds had a 1-nil win this past Saturday over Saint Louis FC. the hounds last regular season match is this Saturday at Birmingham Legion.  The […]

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BOLD Sports Episode 99

Brett Keisel, Levon Kirkland the ALL TIME is the Great One Wayne Gretzky Notable Warren Sapp. Riverhounds- the hounds had a 1-1 draw against the Atlanta United 2 this past Saturday . Goal by Nico Brett at the 45th min. The state lines show that the hounds played a lot of Defense. Also, If you […]

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BOLD Sports Episode 96

Orpheus Roye, Kendrick Clancy, Brentson Buckner, “Mike Vrabel” All time, Cortez Kennedy. 11 years in Seattle DB, 7 time pro bowl, 1992 defensive player of the year, HOF 2012. Thomas Holmstrom NHL, 96-12 Red Wings, 4 Cups 1 gold medal Sweden 06. Riverhounds- last Saturday at Highmark the Hounds finished with a 0-0 draw with […]

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BOLD Sports Episode 95

Greg Lloyd, Jarvis Jones, Pens Aleksey Morozov. Richard Dent, Da Bears Riverhounds- the Hounds had a big 4-0 win North of the border las Saturday in Ottawa over the Fury. The Fury dominated the stat Lines but the hounds capitalized 3 times in the first half and once in the second. This week the hounds […]

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THRIFTY: The Cry Room

“W”elcome to another chapter of my Audio Thrifting Diary. We got a full house this week as the Mt. Rushmore of THRIFTY reunites for a big ass episode. We got Toddy. We got Josh. We got Kaeli. We got Ryan. This Week’s Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics : – Marvin the Martian Snapback (Looney Tunes, […]