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Indy Mayhem Show 142: Dan Polinsky

Dan Polinsky isn’t a name you hear much in the wrestling industry, but for a time, he was a part of the Pittsburgh Indy Wrestling scene as a promoter of Far North Wrestling.  Dan also talks with us about his sons getting into pro wrestling (WWE’s Corey Graves and CMLL’s Sam Adonis) and his take […]

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Indy Mayhem Show 89: “Old School” Burt Legrande

“Old School” Burt Legrande discusses getting into announcing, how to shake hands with Raven, turning the rules heel, working as a manager, and his brushes with some of the people making names in WWE these days and more!  Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) continues to discuss IWC Aftershock form the weekend, look back at IWC Super Indy 2 […]

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 224: International Badasses

Sorg, DJLunchbox, Mad Mike, and wrestlefan are back this week, and we’re joined by our first participant in the WMS Nation guest in 2 year long listener, Rizz!  We get through all of your fanmail, voicemail, and talk about the latest on Bryan Danielson: the speculation, the indy bookings, and more!  We also talk about this weekend’s WWE […]