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THRIFTY: Happy Birthday THRIFTY! (Aliens Exist)

Welcome to another chapter of my Thrifting Audio Diary. It’s our birthday. We are 1. 1 whole year old. Ryan Thompson and Kaeli Hood are back to join me while we ruffle through this week’s thrift haul and talk about aliens. This Week’s Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics : – Ryan’s new person brand sponsors. […]

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THRIFTY: The Mt. Rushmore of THRIFTY

Welcome to another chapter of my Thrifting Audio Diary. This week we have a stellar panel and lots to discuss. “Down Since J1″ Ryan Thompson is here. The always charming and considerate Kaeli Hood is here. Josh “Last Call” Larkin makes his presence known as well. We even had a literal cat fight happen outside […]

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THRIFTY: The Ryan Thompson Cassette Tape Project

I have turned over the keys to the kingdom to my good friend (and known comedian) Ryan Thompson. On one of THRIFTY’s Thrifting Adventures Ryan found multiple blank cassette + a cassette recorder. Ryan and I decided that he would record material on the blank tapes for some lucky listeners of the show. Without fully […]