That’s a Wrap! The Baristas Season 1 Finishes!

It’s been an exciting process to have even the smallest of hands in, and great to see the final product coming out for all to see what we’ve witnessed be pieced together as we filmed the brian child of Justin Kownacki since starting way back in October.  It’s been my first venture into a true fiction and working with actors in this capacity, and was no less than a great learning experience for a few of us here at Sorgatron Media.

Haven’t checked the show out?  Sit back and roll through all 11 episodes over on The Baristas page on or YouTube and see everything in one large chunk.

There are already plans for the future of The Baristas in the future that we’re very excited for.  It’s been a great project, and a pleasure to work with a myriad of creative and talented people to get together a little show about people at a coffee shop.  Here’s to the further adventures of our favorite coffee slingers!

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