Wrestling Mayhem Show 563: Patreon in the Bank

It’s a Night of Too Many Mayhemers as Mayhem Mania EXPLODES with Patreon in the Bank!  New voices, old faces, and more! International Wrestling Cartel and Premiere Championship Wrestling‘s Nick Lendl joins us!

WMSWe’ve got a delayed episode this week – thanks to Smackdown LIVE.  To make up for the lack of Podcast Day shenanigans, we’ve got a super special guest this week when we talk with Lucha Underground Co-Executive Producer, Chris DeJoseph!  We’ve got Sorg, Mutilator Larry, Mad Mike, and Mainstream Matt on air for Wrestling Mayhem Show 561.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:

  • Yes, you CAN buy our love – like Billy Johnson, who sent us a #FuckThatOwl shirt. Thank you Billy!
  • We’re sharing some thoughts on #SouthpawRegionalWrestling.  Have you seen it yet?
  • #TotalBellaBS segments + #Southpaw makes us think its a #Wrestlemania push (but we LOVE IT!)
  • Thank you @WWERoadDogg for #TotalBellaBS and #Southpaw. <3
  • Anyone else feel like the 90s era #WWE shenanigans have returned in some part with #TotalBellaBS and #Southpaw?
  • #SurferDudesWithAttitudes
  • If we get as many in-studio guests as we have tonight, we may need to up our @Pgh_Slice game.  <3 <3 <3
  • We had @chrisdejoseph on last week talking about @LuchaElRey on @netflix.  We’ve got some #Newbies sharing thoughts.
  • Friends don’t let friends spoil @LuchaElRey!
  • It’s time for this week’s #BigQuestion: With pre-network #NXT now on the #WWENetwork, what ELSE do you want to see?
  • We’re rolling with this week’s #MayhemShow! Join us as we talk what’s up in #Wrestling!
  • #MayhemMania is so big this week that we’re moving it up a few segments.
  • [email protected] giving the #PatreonInTheBank rules is GOLD content alone!
  • Remember our #MayhemMania card after last week?  Crumple it up, throw it away.  It’s all new!
  • We’re sharing what we learned this week! What did YOU learn?

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