Wrestling Mayhem Show 604: Rumble with Elias

We’ve got a special guest in studio this week as we’re joined by comedian Matt Light.  And, there is a ton of stuff to talk about this week, including:

  • Our guest Matt Light mixes wrestling with comedy. The best of both worlds.
  • Larry has a foam finger – but not the finger you’re thinking…
  • We are 1 degree of separation from Honky Tonk Man at this very moment.
  • RVD has a comedy (?) show?
  • So, RAW 25 happened last night. We’ve got plenty of thoughts.
  • When Christian is compared to Marty Jannetty.
  • We’re sharing some thoughts about the RAW 25 venue split and how WE thought it should have been done.
  • The APA segments of RAW 25 made the night for most of us.
  • Royal Rumble is this weekend. And, Dolph Ziggler is favored to win?
  • Our guest Matt Light is calling it now – Dolph Ziggler comes out at #30 – – – to Daniel Bryan’s theme music.
  • Sorg is waiting for Jason Jordan to snap. Mad Mike is waiting for a Shield break-up turn by Jordan, and Matt Light is just calling for him to get his future endeavored letter.
  • Why did they not have Jerry Springer on RAW 25 with a “You are not the father!” spot with Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan.
  • We’re takling about who we want to win the Royal Rumble this year and who we think will win.
  • Mainstream Matt is calling for an Elias Money In The Bank win – so we can have an MITB guitar case!
  • Nia Jax v. Asuka can be this generation’s Andre v. Hogan.
  • Will AJ Styles v. Sami and KO match be the comedy match for Royal Rumble?
  • Science: Shane McMahon cannot win a Royal Rumble match because he goes to the top rope too much.
  • Will we see Karma for the Women’s Royal Rumble?
  • We found some Friend of the Show folks by searching their names on the WWE Network.
  • This week’s Big Question: What is the future of 205 LIVE?
  • Abeyance is the new 205 LIVE champion! Woooooooo!
  • NXT Takeover is coming up soon. We’re sharing some thoughts.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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